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How to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool?

Now, Facebook has become more than a social network platform. With over 2.4 billion active users, it has evolved tremendously from a marketing point. 

Now, It has many occasions to engage your users and expand your reach.

Thus, It refers to a marketing platform where you showcase your brand to the available users. 

How to create strategies for Facebook marketing?

The below-mentioned steps help you shape your marketing strategies on Facebook.

  1. Create a Business Page

Creating a business page is the first step to Facebook marketing. It is similar to the personal profile you have on Facebook.

On the business page, you must add a description in order to shape your brand image. You must be clear about your goals and values. 

Then add a profile picture and a cover page showcasing your brand identity. You can put the brand logo as a profile picture. Make sure your brand has a unique identity.

 For example, you can add a short video as a cover page so as to make it compelling.

  1. Add creative posts

You can add different types of posts in order to make them appealing to the users. The types of posts are:

  • Image Posts: In order to create an image post, you can use paid stock images. For example, Shutter stock. As it has a high-quality resolution.

In addition, you can add graphics to your image in order to make them eye-catching

  • Video Posts: In order to create an audience base, getting video posts is a great choice. Therefore, you must focus on delivering value to the users. Start sharing videos that sound fascinating to them.
  •  Carousel Ads: Such ads are useful for eCommerce businesses. It allows users to see the same product from different angles. As a result, it keeps them engaged.
  • Collection Ads: With an image, you can write short headlines with a description of 125 words. As a result, you cannot add much information here. Thus, it is a great choice for eCommerce Business.
  • Facebook Live: This is similar to Video Ads. But here, you can connect with your audience in order to have live conversations. Thus, you manage to engage them.

3.. Facebook Ad Manager

      You can log in to the ad manager displayed on your business page. It allows you to create, manage and track Facebook Ad campaigns.

4. Set campaign objective

    There are three categories in order to choose your campaign objective: 

  •  Awareness Goals: Brand awareness and Reach
  •  Consideration Goals: Traffic, engagement, lead generation, and so on
  • Conversion Goals: Catalog sales, conversions, and store traffic.  

      Therefore, it is important to set your objectives in order to reach the target audience.

      Then you have to set your budget and schedule for the post you want to promote.

Use Facebook Metrics

Four Facebook Ads metrics are used by many social media marketing agencies to track them.

  1. Real conversions: When logging in to Facebook Ads Dashboard you see some metrics like:
  • Campaign Spending Limit
  • Check-ins
  • Clicks (All)
  • Conversions
  • Cost per 1000 people
  • Cost per 10 secs video 

           Thus, by ‘focusing on these metrics you can prioritize them as per your goals. 

  1. Cost Per Result: It helps you understand that how much you are spending on each conversion.
  1. Frequency: It means how frequently your users are seeing your ads. Increasing the frequency of your ads has a negative effect on the users. As a result, they start hiding/reporting your ad on Facebook.
  1. Click-Through Rate: It determines the rate that how many users clicked your ad.

 For example, 50 clicks & 1000 impressions. Thus you have a CTR of 5%.

The benefit of CTR  helps you keep track of:

  • If your user target is good
  • If your ad creative is good enough
  • If the offer is good enough.


I provide the best Facebook Marketing tips that will help your brand sales-ready. You will get all the support you need in order to drive Facebook marketing. To learn more please post comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

Remember Facebook is just like a helpline number that help viewers connect to your website easily. Rather than focusing only on one segment you should focus more on the entire integrated ecosystem of Digital Marketing that includes Seo, Paid ads, Email Marketing, Content, Social media, Lead generation and other metrics.

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