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How to write good content

First of all. No one is born a writer. You don’t need any extraordinary skills to become a content writer.

Neither I had ever written a single blog in my life, nor did I know how to write.

I just started writing out of curiosity.    

And so I just write and write….

Writing is not about adding HTML fancy designs or animations to keep your audience engaged.

You don’t have to use complex words to convey your message. Keep words and sentences simple and short.

You need guidance or mentor support. This you can get from YouTube or follow bloggers’ style about how they write. And that’s how you start learning.

My few simple tips on how to write a good content

1. Write as you talk.

This is one of the weapons you must use to convey your message.

When you write the way you talk people listen to you. Just like you are still reading my blog.

Because it feels like I am personally talking to you.

That’s the power of words.

That’s how you can hold the audience’s interest.

2. Involve in a conversation

You need to write in such a way as you are joining a conversation with your audience inside their minds.

You can join a conversation when you know your audience very well.

This happens when you answer all possible questions which readers usually have.

3. Understand your audience well

It is very important to learn about what and how your audience thinks.

First, question yourself why any people will read your blog post.

Just like why you are still reading my blog post. Why do you want to learn how to write good content?

Are you a digital marketer?

Are you a blogger?

Do you want to become a blogger?

Are you a freelancer? Etc.

Naturally, that’s why you are on my blog post. Right?

So that’s how you punch questions in your mind. Accordingly, you write a blog that contains all the relevant information that audiences are looking for.

Why Blogging is important?

So, what do you think? Why blogging is important?

Why do people focus so much on writing?

There are mainly three reasons why people blog:

  1. Increases your brand presence in organic search ads
  2. Builds credibility and trust
  3. Builds site’s authority over time.

6 amazing steps to create SEO-optimized content

  1. Choose a niche: Most people face difficulty in choosing a niche. That’s why they get confused about what to write and what not to.Thus, they end up writing blogs. There are two ways you can choose a niche (topic) to write a blog.
  • Write about the topic that you enjoy or are passionate about

For example, You love watching football. You can write many topics about football.

Choose a proven topic

For example, you can surf topics on and look for the best-selling courses out there. And choose any topic out of them and write a detailed blog post about the same.

2. Look for the target audience

             You can look for the topics that the audience wants to learn. Like, go and read the blog and Quora comments. As a result, you can find out what the audience is looking for. What questions do they have?

In addition, You can also use the “Topic Research Tool Generator”. It offers many content ideas that are more trending. By sorting, you can get more précised ideas by volume, by difficulty, etc.

3. Enrich your content with media and internal links

In order to create SEO-rich content, you must add images and come up with facts and figures.

This results in attracting audiences and keeps them engaged for a long time.

This is just one side of the coin. What next?

How will you keep your audience engaged once they are finished reading.

Here comes the other side of the coin which is “Internal linking”.

Yes, Internal linking is a rescue.

But before diving into that first let’s learn what is internal linking.

Internal linking means linking one page to another page of the same website or another website. This results, in compelling readers, to explore more on the website. Now, you know what internal linking is. In addition, you must also know how to make it more effective.

The use of “Anchor Text” will help you achieve that.

Well, of course, this may not be the first blog you are reading. You must have read many blogs earlier.

So, have you ever seen any text appearing in blue or red color in the middle of the content? And when clicking on it takes you to another web page.

For reference. The below image is called “Anchor text”.

Thus, anchor text is a text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link in order to open the target web page.

Remember, Anchor text should be relevant to the content. It should not contain more than 5 words in anchor.

Also never use the same anchor text for two different pages.

4. Optimize SERP’s result

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page.

In order to optimize SEO, it is very important to first optimize the result page.

That includes Title, Meta Description, and URL.

The below image is an example.

Remember the length of the title should be up to 50 to 60 characters.

The length of the meta description should be up to 160 characters.

It is always good to stick to the aforementioned length rather than exceeding it.

Otherwise, it appears as an incomplete sentence on the SERP.

5. Use a Mobile-Friendly interface.

If you want your audience never to bounce off from your web page you must use responsive designs on your website.

Responsive designs let the web page adjust its size according to different screen sizes. Whether it’s a desktop version or a mobile version it reshuffles as per the screen size.

Thus, it brings flexibility and smoothes the user experience.

6. Use Page Speed tools

One of the very important steps that most people skip from their checklist is to use page speed tools.


Because it helps you improve the performance of the page for both mobile and desktop versions.

 Average 41% to 55% of the users bounce off the website. The problem is the page loading time. If your web page takes more than 3 seconds to load usually users leave the page and look for another.

If this happens, you are on the losing side.

The popular tools you can use: PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix.

Final thoughts

Before starting writing a content it is important to consider all the above-mentioned points. As a result, you will see improvements and get a high ranking on SEO.

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