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What is the law of marketing and How it works?

  • Published on April 10, 2022

As we all know that these days digital marketing is in trend and creating a tremendous buzz all over the Globe. Many people realizing its importance are getting into the digital marketing profession. Also say, that many people are choosing it as their careers.

But… many professionals are not able to achieve the success that they have been desiring. Have you ever thought about why they are failing? Why they are not able to beat the experts who have been in this industry for a long time?

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Today I am writing this article to share my knowledge about how actually marketing works. This article is helpful to all professionals and beginners. The topics I am going to share here will be an eye-opener for you. I assure 00000000 that you will surely learn from this article today. You will be able to implement them easily.

The topics include:

  1. The Fundamentals of Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
  3. The CATT Marketing Funnel
  4. Integrated Digital Marketing
  5. The power of Personal branding

Before I start any topic let’s understand what digital marketing is.

In simple terms, Digital marketing is just about applying marketing techniques digitally. With Internet access, one can do marketing online. To become a good digital marketer you just need to have good marketing skills…and nothing else my friend..!!

You just need to come up with the best strategies.

Now…you must be thinking what strategies….??

Don’t worry…! You are at the right place where you will learn about the fundamentals of marketing.

Techniques to implement while marketing your product/service

Firstly, before launching your product/service you must do deep research. Example: Buyer persona. A buyer persona is a detailed description of understanding your target audience. This helps you understand your target audience very well and learn their expectations.

Now the next step comes which is your product/service design.

While designing your product/service many people focus on multiple niches and end up losing their brand value.

Remember…always focus on ONE niche..!!

For example: Maybe you have good knowledge about digital marketing and you want to become a mentor or work as a freelancer. Instead of focusing on multiple segments in digital marketing, you must focus only on one or two. Then you start expanding your knowledge more in those areas. This way you are focused and eventually perform better in your field. Remember to choose your niche as a long-term project.

"Whatever your goals you have in your life it should always be considered as a along term perspective."‚Äč

“Whatever your goals you have in your life it should always be considered as a long-term perspective.”

Once, you choose your niche to start designing your product/service. Watch….!! that it should fit customers’ needs.

It is well said, ” Persistence and Consistency are the keys to success”.

If you are consistent in your work. In the long run, you will surely see better results. Maybe at starting you have to do a lot of marketing. But once you position your brand very well you end up spending less on marketing regularly. As your brand sets very well in the minds of the customers.

Marketing is not just about selling. It is about developing trust with your customers. It is also about keeping your existing customers happy by communicating with them. As a result, they remain your customer for life.

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If your product /service fits customers’ needs very well then it sells itself. To convince them you don’t need to push them or do phone sales. Thus, people just convert.

Remember, ” Never let marketing become more important than the product.”

Never Underestimate the power of Traditional Marketing

After digital marketing came into the picture. Most of the people think that traditional marketing has become old-fashioned.

In fact, traditional marketing is equally important as digital marketing.

You should just need to keep the right balance. You need to understand which platform will benefit your product/service. Well…there is only one key point that makes digital marketing distinguished from traditional marketing.

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Digital Marketing means marketing your product/service online. With internet access, one can reach your marketing message. It is that simple and easy.

While traditional marketing uses media that you can feel and touch. For example magazines, newspapers, TV commercials, etc.

Some of the examples of traditional marketing:

  1. Billboards, Bus/taxi posters
  2. Broadcasting – TV, radio
  3. Print media – Magazines, newspapers
  4. Telemarketing – Phone, text messaging

It is very clear that if you have a good budget to spend on campaigns in magazines and primetime TV. Then Traditional marketing is more impactful and memorable than digital marketing. While digital marketing brings more engagement. It is measurable and targeted

Some of the examples of digital marketing:

  1. Social Media

2. Website

3. Content marketing

4. Affiliate marketing

5. Inbound marketing

6. Email marketing

7. Pay-per click

Search Engine Marketing

Thus, both types of marketing have their pros and cons. Knowing your audience well both marketing can work best for you.

The CATT Marketing Funnel

It is very important to understand that your success and wealth are largely determined by the “NICHE” you choose for your product/service.

Always choose a Niche that has a hungry market.

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Try to identify problems that customers are facing and then come up with better solutions.

CATT = Content+Attention+Trust+Transaction

Once you identify your niche. Focus on creating good content which attracts the eye of customers. Content should contain useful information that relates to your product/service.

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“Content is the big asset to market your product/service. It is the future.”

Drive attention of the prospective to your content by using SEO, Social media, Paid ads, and referrals.

Build Trust with your audience by using methods like retargeting, and marketing automation. As it convinces them to buy your product/service.

The transaction here means converting your target customers who are already looking for your product/service to buy.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Well. Well…Well…If you want to drive better results then you must follow a framework to develop the best strategy.

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I recommend that instead of using each channel separately to drive results. You must integrate all the above-mentioned marketing channels that are shown in the picture. Make all of them work together like a machine.

“You don’t know together it can do wonders.

Always keep content marketing as a focus point. Through which you can achieve all your desired results.

Run paid advertising campaigns for your content. Advertise it for free.

Then you get people into your email list.

“Always ask for ATTENTION rather than PAYMENT”.

When people come to your blog they subscribe to your newsletter that pop-up when they visit your content. So whenever you come up with new blogs you can send them to your email list.

As a result, people will come back to your content from your email list. In addition, your content will be listed on the search engine.

Because the more people visit your content, the more website traffic you create.

As a result, Search Engines will start ranking your website. This is how Search Engine momentum is created.

Talking about social media you can share content there. As a result, it attracts new people to your website. They keep visiting your content, like it, and share it on social media.

Thus, paid advertising is a booster of the entire momentum of all the marketing channels. In addition, when momentum is boosted, it builds trust with people as well. That’s how you sell your product/service and convert your prospective easily.

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The above picture shows how you can follow this cycle to become a brand ambassador of your own product/service. Starting with the learning process that continues till you have your start-up.


I really hope that reading this article has expanded your knowledge regarding the marketing concept. I would like to conclude with a few important points that you must remember. First of all, without sales, you will not be able to convert your target customers. That is why you should keep organizing sales webinars, sales pages, sales calls, video sales, etc. If you are executing everything in the right way. You are surely able to achieve your desired results. Thus, the right execution matters.

To evolve yourself you must keep learning new skills. Do not forget to remember the facts Keep practicing and implementing the procedures in the real world. Remember without a skill you can never build a personal brand.

So what are you waiting for…!!

Read, think and share.

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